Purchase and sale of a property

Our legal representation in the buying and selling process
will ensure a smooth and safe experience for you

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another, in which one is selling and the other is buying.

Our professional team ensure that the property for sale is free of charges and current in the payment of taxes, and will provide legal advice and, where appropriate, the required representation in the purchase and sale process from initial stage until the actual purchase or sale. We will also manage, if you wish, the registration and cancellation of bank deposits and direct debits.

We can also assist you in the purchase process until the Title Deed is registered at the Land Registry with the name of the buyer and taxes or another costs are paid, and also with bank financing if required.

If you are interested in selling your property, even if you did not buy the property through our firm, we can take care of the sale. We will act on your behalf throughout the process until the property is transferred and taxes paid. Our legal representation for the conveyance will ensure you a smooth and safe experience.

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We take care of all your administrative formalities with the official bodies, saving you time and unnecessary travel.


We are up to date with the latest legislative and administrative developments, guaranteeing in all cases the best solution to your request or consultation.

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